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Spring 2005
March 24, 2005
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Message from the President: The New Professionalism
--by John Steele, Miller Electric Company
FASI President

 Many of us are barraged everyday with information regarding how to accomplish our work goals faster and with more accuracy. Solicitations come at us with increasing frequency and in differing modes. First it was face to face, then written mail and telephone, now e-mail. In addition, the pressure to rise above all the obstacles in our path are ever present and we acknowledge that with all the mediums of communication at our disposal there is little excuse for not completing all of our tasks. As a result, we see more and more work being laid on our desks. Upper management recognizes the increased speed in communication and is determined to take advantage. The inheritors of this plethora of information are us and the people we supervise.
My favorite adage is “It is not enough to be right, you must be effective”. Just because it is so, will not mean people will embrace it. They must believe as you believe. Whether your product is truly of the finest quality, your services are of the utmost integrity or that your internal policies are the fairest and in the individual’s best interest, you must convince the market. This is where professionalism can separate those that succeed from those that don’t.
The average supervisor contains many desired characteristics, chief among them is a sense of professionalism. The ability to recognize areas of potential loss and to act quickly to counteract takes on new meaning in this age of enhanced communications and data transmitting. It is the employee with professionalism that affords their company with the best of all worlds. While it is still necessary to have ‘followers’, it is the individual with the best grasp of information and sense of initiative that truly earns their keep.
At FASI we recognize that there are many areas one can find answers to their questions. Professional organizations, newsletters, and resource materials abound. But what FASI can offer its membership is the aggregate knowledge from the members themselves, namely those that have been there before you. FASI is dedicated to the successful operation of self-insurance within the State of Florida. And as with all areas of business there are obstacles, areas of effectiveness and non-effectiveness. Allow the membership to assist you in the pursuit of your professional goals.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the Ritz Carlton Naples during our 36th Annual Convention and Trade Show, July 24-27, 2005.

Editor's Corner: Have You Been Audited?
--Susan Theis, Commercial Risk Management, Inc.

 The Division of Workers’ Compensation is very serious about their new audit rules and procedures. Get ready—They are coming to see you! The audit staff usually consists of three to four people. The first dilemma--Do you have three to four empty desks/computers to place them? After making what arrangements we could and showing them our system, they then requested that we just go ahead and print out notes, payment ledgers, etc. for them on 300 files. They completed their audit and sent the results fairly quickly. The report was not only sent to the risk manager but to the president of the self-insured company; and in the case of the municipal employer, to the county administrator or city mayor. If you are not aware, they are auditing each entity (self-insured), not the service company.
All in all, it was not too unpleasant an experience. The audit team was very pleasant and easy to work with. They are willing to listen to explanations regarding any deficiencies and make corrections when appropriate.
We are now preparing for our second audit in three months!

Membership Report
--by Mark Resler, Anderson Columbia Co, Inc.
Membership Chair

 Our 2005 membership drive and renewal process is well underway, and we are encouraged by the results so far. It was a pleasure to report to the board of directors at our winter conference that our membership figures for 2005 are exceeding 2004 figures by 9%, when comparing the numbers to the same timeframe, e.g. January 2005 to January 2004. The renewal process will continue through the first quarter of 2005.
The membership committee met at the winter conference and discussed strategies to increase membership even further. We all agreed that our entire immediate focus should be directed at the approximately 450 self-insured entities in Florida, of which about 270 are public entities and 180 are private entities. By increasing the self-insured entity participation, associate memberships will grow.
I want thank each and every member for renewing your membership this year. I would also like to offer a warm welcome to all our new members:

  • Ben Hill Griffin, Inc.; Dr. Paul Bach; Frostproof , FL
  • Citrus County School Board; Cheryl Slavik; Inverness, FL
  • City of Clearwater; Sharon G. Walton; Clearwater, FL
  • Claims Verification, Inc.; Manny Parron; Deerfield Beach, FL
  • CompManagement, Inc.; Julie Kolibash & Jon Wagner; Dublin, OH
  • Corporate Benefit Services of America; David Parker; Tampa, FL
  • Florida’s Natural Grower; Cathi Cruess; Lake Wales, FL
  • HCC Benefits Corporation; Jay Ritchie; Kennesaw, GA
  • Integrated Administrators; Cynthia Howard; Jacksonville, FL
  • Orange County; Susan Martin; Orlando, FL
  • Osceola County Government; Reba Jo Morse; Kissimmee, FL
  • South Central Preferred; Jim Cochran; York, PA
As noted in previous newsletters, please contact FASI directly at 1-800-226-FASI (3274) if you know of anyone interested in discussing FASI memberships, or pass this number on to the interested party, or refer them to the website www.fasi-fl.org. Again, welcome to the new members of FASI, and many thanks to all our renewed members.

36th Annual Convention & Trade Show, 2005
--by Bethan Hyde, York Insurance Services Group, Inc.

 Mark your calendars! The FASI 36th Annual Convention and Trade Show is July 24, 2005 to July 27, 2005 at The Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida.
FASI’s annual golf outing is Sunday at Tiburon Golf Club (see golf article for details). The Welcome Reception for attendees and guests will be in The Club Room on Sunday. Meet the FASI Officers and the Board of Directors, while they enjoy the opportunity to socialize in anticipation of an excellent educational program.
On Monday, general sessions and panels will include topics such as Evidence Based Medicine with Brian Wolfe, MD and Randy Thomas, Esquire; Market Trends with Melodee Saunders, Midwest Employers Casualty Company; Employer Responsibility to Protect Employee Privacy with Mark Cheskin, Esquire and Michael Spellman, Esquire; Dennis Ross (R), Florida House of Representatives, Ross, Vecchio & Trussell, P.A., of Lakeland, Florida, with the "Legislative Update" and a panel to discuss “The DWC – 25: Is it Working? Monday evening is The Exhibitor's Showcase, Reception and Prize Drawings for Registrants. Stay tuned for more details on the exhibitors scavenger hunt. Winners must be present to win.
We are continuing to confirm sessions for Tuesday to include Preparing for Audits; Return to Work Strategies and Workers’ Compensation Case Law Update. I know everyone will be at our Annual Business Luncheon. The 2004-2005 Board of Directors will be in attendance and recognized for their contributions for the past year. The new slate for the 2005-2006 Board of Directors will be read. Tuesday evening is the 36th Annual “Cruisin' with FASI” Casino Dinner Party. The week features music by Rodgers Professional DJ Services. There will be a delicious cuisine and desserts. Door prizes will be provided by FASI thanks to all of the companies that are going to exhibit and sponsor. All guests will have an opportunity to win.
We look forward to seeing everyone. Please visit our website for: www.fasi-fl.org.
Forms & Registration (Adobe PDF):
Sponsorship Form
Golf Sponsorship Form
Exhibitor Registration Form
Golf Registration Form
For Exhibitor and Sponsorship information please contact the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Chair, Mike Waldron:
Michael Waldron
Marketing Department
Woodall & Broome Inc.
Phone: (727) 584-3360
Cell: (727) 492-8861
Fax: (727) 584-2562
E-Mail: mwaldron@woodallandbroome.com

FASI Annual Golf Outing 2005
--by Bethan Hyde of York Insurance Services Group, Inc.
The FASI Annual Golf Outing will be held on July 24, 2005, 8:30 a.m. at a Greg Norman Course, and home of the Franklin Templeton Golf Shootout, Tiburon Golf Club in Naples Florida. The format will be a scramble. Check in starting at 7:30 a.m. with golf starting at 8:30 a.m. Lunch and prizes will be served at Tiburon in the Sydney Room at the end of play.
Sponsorships are available. Beverage, lunch, photos, tee signs, specialty holes, goody bags & door prizes will be greatly appreciated. Golf tee sponsorship signs will be displayed at tee boxes, recognition and acknowledgment flyers placed on each golf cart; and sponsorship signs displayed throughout the conference. Each registered sponsor will be given a ribbon recognizing their continued support and dedication to FASI.
A 50/50 raffle was established last year in Honor of Fran Brown. Last year we raised $200 and a donation was to the American Heart Association her Memory. I hope it will continue to grow.
We will continue with the envelopes at the golf outing. With a $20.00 donation you receive an envelope that contains a ticket to participate in the Putting Contest, play “The Golf Poker Hand” around the course and two “Mikeigans” (mulligan). 50% of the proceeds from the envelopes will be donated to the Mike Reid Scholarship fund.
Thank you to everyone who participates for his or her commitment and loyalty to FASI. Without that dedication and support this event would not be possible.
Forms & Registration (Adobe PDF):
Sponsorship Form
Golf Sponsorship Form
Exhibitor Registration Form
Golf Registration Form
For more information and forms contact the 2005 Golf Committee:
Jean A. Heald
Sales Manager, FCM Services
CHOICE Medical Management Services, LLC
Phone: (561) 868-0991
Cell: (561) 719-1375
Fax: (561) 868-0953
E-Mail: jheald@choicemedmgt.com
Tammy Roy
Director Of Client Services
Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
Phone: (727) 771-8557, ext. 101
Pager: (727) 413-3523
Fax: (727) 785-2836
Email: TRoy@SelectMedicalCorp.com

In Memoriam
Chic Berger, Surveillance Manager, York Insurance Services Group, died Tuesday, March 15, 2005, in a car accident in his hometown of Dunedin, FL. The driver of the other vehicle ran a red light and hit his car on the driver’s side door. According to the Deputy that was called to the scene, they don’t believe Chic anticipated the accident and he probably died very quickly.
Many of you may have had the pleasure of meeting him as he has visited several FASI member offices, and others may have had the opportunity to work with him on various claims.
Chic is survived by his wife, Cindy, their two children, Elyse (18) and Chase (13), his mother, sisters and slew of friends and extended family that will miss Chic tremendously. During his 46 years, Chic made the most of his life. He was actively involved in professional associations as well as several personal causes. Chic was in charge of Security at several boat races in the Tampa Bay area, organized the local hospital’s float in the community parades, volunteered at his children’s’ schools and was most recently training his son, Chase, to work with him as a clown at the hospital. Without a doubt, Chic made the most of his “dash” – that period of time between your birth and your death that defines who you are.
A Trust Fund has been set up in honor of his memory to help his children with everyday needs and a college future. His daughter is starting college in the fall and his son is starting high school, and over the next few years, expenses for the kids are going to far exceed Cindy’s anticipated income.
Contributions to
any branch:
AmSouth Bank
Cynthia Berger in Memory of Chic Memorial Fund
Account # 0054164486
Make checks payable
to and mail to:
“Cynthia Berger in Memory of Chic Memorial Fund”
Bob Kramer (Family friend and executive with AmSouth Bank)
1215 Dinnerbell Lane,
Dunedin, FL 34698.
Account # 0054164486

Self-Insurance Committee Report
--by Bob Widmer and Kenneth M. Johns, III

 The recent past continues to be dominated with storm issues.
Some TPAs found themselves potentially in conflict with Florida statutes after the storms came. Some TPAs had contracts to handle property claims for self-insured entities. However, since a licensed adjuster in Florida cannot also be a licensed public adjuster, TPAs are unable to represent insureds under this scenario. They must work on behalf of the insurance company, since TPAs so not carry public adjuster licenses.
This is an issue that has never been addressed, or even considered, in the past. It is also possible that this might be applicable to such things as requesting excess reimbursement from excess workers’ compensation carriers.
FASI has no position for this issue at this point. It needs further consideration.
There continues to be a small uptake in applications for self-insurance, but nothing very large. We are dealing, here, with a mature industry.
One change we have noted is that the State is now requesting binders on insurance before they will approve self-insurance. It is a little bit “putting the cart before the horse”.
It will be interesting to see what comes from the next legislature.

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