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Winter 2006
January 31, 2006
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Golf Sponsors 2005 - Thank You!

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Editor's Corner
--by John Darin, Wicker Smith

 It's the time of the year to get nostalgic, and because FASI has loomed large in my business life and my family's vacations over the years, I thought I'd share a few of those memories with you. As a young lawyer attending FASI Legislative Committee meetings, I remember how impressed I was by the players; Florida Power, Disney, Rockwell and so many other well-known corporate entities, self-insured funds and administrators. There I was, just entering the business world, rubbing shoulders and lifting elbows with the big guys. Their mission was equally inspiring; to change the Florida Workers' Compensation system so that it would be a level playing field for industry and labor. There I was, not just researching the law, but actually discussing and having input in changing the law through FASI's lobbying efforts. And we were successful! Not just once, but time after time; '89, '90, '94 through the present. There we all sat at a large round conference table every fall, probably twenty or thirty corporate representives, their lawyers and FASI's lobbyist, discussing the changes needed for the Florida Comp Act to remain viable and encourage industries to continue doing business in Florida. Looking back, FASI accomplished quite a bit. Looking forward, I'm confident another FASI editor twenty years hence will have fond recollections of what FASI accomplished on his watch.

Gail's Goodies
--by Gail Shuffler, City of Tallahassee

 There are several bills that have been filed which would expand the Special Risk Classifications for police and fire. They are now trying to add dispatchers and other civilian personnel that, in my opinion, do not qualify for Special Risk categorization. This not only impacts public sector but could impact those who administer their claims or funds. Typically, they file to amend the pension benefits which gets carried over to workers' compensation claims. To my knowledge, no one is conducting any type of actuarial work to project costs or submitting any scientific data that supports the premise that their is higher risk of "presumption" diseases for these occupations as opposed to other occupations. If they keep doing this, someone should file to cover anyone in risk or claims. The latest bill I saw filed on this was SB936.
Also, it has been learned that some vendors filed through EDI even though they paid no providers and that generated some errors in EDI filings. The State was contacted and they are attempting to make corrections but apparently the profile that employers submit annually to advise the State of how their claims are administered isn't being reconciled with the EDI data base. This latter comment is my supposition and has not been officially confirmed but we know of no other way that the data could have gotten to them.

Membership Report
--by Mark Resler, Anderson Columbia Co, Inc.

 The 2006 membership drive and renewal process is well underway, and we are encouraged by the results from 2005. Our recent focus on membership has been to promote renewed interest in FASI from the core types of members who all share similar interests, that being the self-insured entities, private or public. These types of memberships have seen the greatest growth in our organization in the last three years. And with the growth of the core membership, we expect the carrier and associate membership numbers to follow suit.
The membership committee will be meeting at the winter conference to discuss strategies to increase membership even further. FASI welcomes input from every source, so if you have ideas, please share them with us. If you prefer, your thoughts can be sent to me at mresler@andersoncolumbia.com.
I want thank each and every member for a successful 2005, and I am looking forward to an even greater 2006. Please contact FASI directly at 1-800-226-FASI (3274) if you know of anyone interested in discussing FASI memberships, or pass this number on to the interested party, or refer them to the website www.fasi-fl.org.

37th Annual Convention & Trade Show, 2006

2005 Golf Update
--by Bethan Hyde of York Insurance Services Group, Inc.

    On July 24, 2005, The FASI Annual Golf Outing was played at a Greg Norman Course. Tiburon Golf Club, home of the Franklin Templeton Golf Shootout in Naples, Florida. The format was a scramble with a requirement of using a minimum of two (2) drives per player no matter how bad.
Tee times began at 8:30 a.m., and it was hot. Thank you to Albors Language /Alnet Transportation Services for sponsoring our much needed beverages. Awards and prizes were given out after a delicious lunch buffet co-sponsored by Heritage Consultants, Inc. and Access on Time after the tournament. Golf tee sponsorship signs were displayed at tee boxes, recognition and acknowledgment flyers placed on each golf cart, and a sponsorship sign was displayed daily throughout the conference. Each registered sponsor was given a ribbon recognizing their continued support and dedication to The Florida Association of Self Insurance.
Throughout the eighteen holes of play golfers hoped their drive was in the fairway, their short game was good and they were on the green. Some shot par, others bogied, even birdied or made an eagle, while other just came to have fun and help. Thank you to all of the volunteers who were there early and throughout the day to assisting registration, cart goodies and the golf poker hand: Commercial Risk Management; Choice Medical Management; ProMed; Miller Electric; Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
A $20.00 donation provided an envelope that contained a ticket to participate in the Putting Contest, “The Golf Poker Hand” (cards selected at various holes with prizes and cash for 1st and 2nd Best Hands and Worst Hand) and two Mikeigans (mulligan). The Golf Poker Hand and electronic games were sponsored by York Claims Service, Inc. 1st Best Poker Hand, Electronic Game and $75.00 to Daniel Herbert, 2nd Best Poker Hand, Electronic Game and $50.00 to Chris Kalinoski and the Worst Poker Hand, Electronic Game and $25.00 to Scott Brooks.
Congratulations to our team winners. 1st place winning honors and prizes awarded to Alan Kalinoski, Chris Kalinoski, Dave Goralczyk and Josh Goralczyk. 2nd place winning honors and prizes awarded to Peter Papas, Jeff Ballou, M Michael and Pam Staub. Last place honors and prizes awarded to Guy Theis, Barry McKeen, Kate and Paul Jarrett.
Congratulations to the following: Pam Staub for the Longest Putt, M Michael for Women’s Closest to the Pin, Alan Kalinoski for Men’s Closest to the Pin, Brent Reid for Longest Drive, and C.E. Hackney for the Straightest Drive. Congratulations to Gary Dove for winning the Putting Contest sponsored by Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
I would like to thank all of those who participated in the 50/50 raffle established Honor of Fran Brown. Fifty percent of the proceeds go to the winner and fifty percent donated to the American Heart Association in Memory of Fran Brown. Henry Hearns was the winner this year and he donated his share to the American Heart Association.
Thanks to Seltzer Associates who was able to capture the moment by providing foursome photographs for each golfer and thanks for having pictures available immediately following the golf outing at the awards luncheon.
Our thanks to Diane Mummaw of Free State Staffing, Inc., for collecting door prizes and cart goodie for all the golfers and thank you to the companies who donated items (see following list of sponsors).
Thank you to everyone who participated for his or her commitment and loyalty to FASI. Without your dedication and continued support this event would not be possible.

Golf Sponsors 2005 - Thank You!
--by Bethan Hyde of York Insurance Services Group, Inc.

Final July 24, 2005
Access on Time BBQ Lunch
Albors, Alnet Language & Transportation Beverage Sponsor
Charles K. Friedman, DO – Pain Relief Centers Golf Tee Sign
CHOICE Medical Management Golf Towels
Claims Verification, Inc Golf Tee Sign
Commercial Risk Management Golf Tee Sign
Comp Management Golf Cart Goodies
Concentra Door Prizes
Corvel Golf Tee Sign & Door Prize
Dean, Ringers, Morgan & Lawton, P.A Golf Tee Sign
Edwin Watts Bags & Tees
FASI 1st Place Prizes; 2nd Place Prizes; Last Place Prizes; Proximity Prizes and Door Prizes
Free State Staffing, Inc Golf Cart Snacks; Door Prizes
Heritage Consultants BBQ Lunch Buffet
Johns Eastern Company Golf Tee Sign
Miller Electric Company, Inc. Golf Tee Sign & Door Prizes
Orthopaedic Associates of West Florida Golf Tee Sign
Orthopaedic Center of South Florida Beverage Koozies; Golf Tee Sign
Quality Resource Management, Inc. Golf Tee Sign & Door Prizes
Seltzer Associates Golf Foursome Photographs
Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services, Inc Putting Contest & Winning Prize
Summit Consulting Golf Tee Sign
Tech Health Door Prize
Woodall & Broome Investigative Services Golf Tee Sign & Door Prize
York Insurance Services Group, Inc. Golf Poker Hand; Golf Ball Marking Pens;
Golf Score Card Pencils; Proximity Prize

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